Modern Industry partnered with Sycuan Casino in San Diego for the announcement of the All-New Sycuan Casino Resort – a $225 million resort expansion slated to open in early 2019, with the premiere of the new commercial, Build Together, and the launch of Sycuan Vision a Virtual Reality Experience.  

Build Together – :60 Sycuan Casino

Directed by Jeff Apps and Produced by Edy Enriquez, the :60 commercial, Build Together, highlights Sycuan Casino and familiar sights around San Diego. Headed by VFX Supervisor, Alex Popov, the visual effects team created a series of seamless transitions to create a story arc of “a day in San Diego”.

SYCUAN VISION Virtual Reality Experience

Sycuan Vision – the Virtual Reality app and 360º video created by Modern Industry Pictures took over five months to complete. Development started with engineering CAD files and transformed into a 360º interactive virtual tour of the upcoming resort.

From creating surfaces, textures and lighting for foliage, furnishings, and water to the people laying out at the pool, the visual effect team ensured no detail was overlooked in creating a realistic environment that has yet to break ground.

By accompanying the visuals with a spatial audio mix of natural sounds, the Sycuan Vision app completely transforms into an immersable VR experience. The app is best experienced with the SycuanVision Viewer.

Elevation Renderings

Photorealistic Elevation Renderings of the Tower Building and Pool were also created by Modern Industry Pictures for use as hero shots for PR and marketing until the property is complete. See the evolution of the renderings below.